He’s Amazing ~ Part 65


Once back at the university, Khushi stepped out of the car. Arnav too got out.


“I’m sorry Arnav.”

“Its ok. Don’t worry I understand.”

“Thank you. Thank you so much.”

“You better go.”



Arnav blew Khushi a kiss and she smiled. Khushi turned around awkwardly and made her to her dorm. She got there and opened the door to be hit with a sight she really didn’t want to see. NK and La were making out on Lavanya’s bed. Khushi looked at then and then covered her eyes. NK noticed Khushi out of the corner of his eye and pulled himself away from Lavanya.


“Hi Bhabi!”

“The hell? Khushi I thought you went out with jiju.”

“I did, but we came back.”

“But you always spend the night at jiju’s!”

“I decided not to ok!”


NK looked at Lavanya. He fixed his shirt and then smiled.


“I should get going. Bye Bhabi, I’ll call you later La.”

“No, NK don’t go because of me! Don’t worry, you guys do whatever, I’ll spend the night at Arnav’s its ok!”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah guys, you enjoy! Just don’t make to much noise!”


Khushi winked at the couple sitting in bed and then walked out. She looked around not knowing what to do. She didn’t have anywhere to go and didn’t really want to go to Arnav’s. But seeing as that’s the only place she had to go, she made her way to Arnav’s house. Khushi sighed and began making her way to Arnav’s house. She knocked on the door and Arnav opened the door. Khushi looked at him and gasped. He was shirtless.


“Khushi? What are you doing here now?”

“NK’s round at our place and him and Lavanya need their space, so I thought to come here.”

“Great! Come on!”


Khushi walked in and saw that Arnav’s jacket, tie and shirt were lying forgotten over the arm of the sofa. She shook her head and picked them up.


“Arnav, this isn’t the way to treat your good clothes you know!”

“I was feeling really hot and then di was calling, so I haven’t had the time to tidy up yet.”

“Still, they’re getting creased like this!”

“Sorry babe! I’ll tidy them away next time, ok?”


“Goodness, is this how its going to be sharing a room with you full time when we get home?”

“What do you mean?”

“Will you always expect everything to be in the right place all the time?”



Khushi smirked while Arnav stared at her; she made her way to the bedroom with Arnav’s clothes in her arms. Arnav rushed after her.


“Wait you cant go in there!”

“And why not?”

“Because there’s something in there you can’t see!”


Khushi looked at Arnav with a hard glare. Her mind was going crazy thinking what the hell was going on. Khushi shook her head and opened the door and gasped at what she saw.


“What the hell is this Arnav?”


“I swear if you do this at home, I will kill you!”


Khushi walked into the room. Arnav’s clothes were all over the place! Khushi grabbed a hanger and began sorting his clothes out.


“Khushi you don’t need to tidy my things, I’ll do it!”

“Arnav, I’m your wife, it’s my right to tidy your things!”

“I know, but I feel bad watching you tidy the mess I made!”

“I’m fine with it, so you should be too!”

“Arnav, shush! You call di!”

“Alright, alright!”


Arnav called Anjali and spoke to her, all the while watching Khushi tidy his things away. Once he ended the call, he noticed Khushi too had tided everything away. She looked too cute.


“I’ve tidied everything!”

“I can see.”

“Di didn’t want to talk to me?”

“She did, but Jijaji was calling her, so she had to go. She said she’ll call you tomorrow.”



Arnav and Khushi looked at each other not really knowing what was to happen next.


“Should we get ready for bed?”

“Are you staying then?”

“I guess so, I mean I don’t want to go back and find La and NK disrobed in my room.”

“Makes sense.”

“If you don’t want me to stay, its ok, I’ll stay at Sia’s.”

“No! it’s alright, I want you to stay!”



Khushi went to the cupboard and took her night cloths out. She then went into the bathroom and got dressed. She then came out again wearing a short nightdress, that too in red. Arnav dreaded to think how the night would proceed without him getting physical with Khushi. Khushi smiled at Arnav.


“Aren’t you going to get ready for bed then?”



Arnav grabbed his nightclothes and went into the bathroom. He came out and saw that Khushi was already in bed. Taking a deep breath he got into bed. Once he was in, he switched off the light and turned to Khushi. He kissed her lightly on the lips and then moved back to his side of the bed.


“Goodnight babe.”

“Yeah, goodnight Arnav.”


Arnav moved as far from Khushi as he could to avoid any chances of getting physical. It felt so weird for Arnav. It was the first time he and Khushi were in bed and just lying there, not doing anything what so ever. Usually they’d be making love, or cuddling. Khushi had her back to Arnav and he couldn’t help but stare at her back. Khushi moved back slightly and her back hit Arnav’s hard chest. Arnav tried to move away but the further he moved, so did Khushi.


“Arnav, what are you doing?”

“What are you doing?”

“You’re too far away, I can’t sleep like that! Please, move closer na?”


Arnav thought for a second and then decided that he would have to control his need, but he couldn’t keep away from Khushi. He moved towards her until his manliness was resting on her back. Khushi held the covers and snuggled in, her bottom rubbing against Arnav’s member.


“Khushi, don’t do that.”

“But I’m not comfortable otherwise.”


Khushi rubber her bottom against him some more and then stopped.


“I’m comfortable now.”


Arnav wrapped his arm around Khushi and it rested on her stomach. He stroked her tummy lightly and smiled.


“I like holding you like this Khushi.”

“I like it too.”


Arnav let his hand move from her stomach and caressed her hips.



“Shush, I’m not doing anything, I’m just touching you. Is it soothing?”



Soon Khushi drifted off to sleep. Arnav kissed her cheek and held her close. Maybe just sleeping wasn’t a bad idea.


3 thoughts on “He’s Amazing ~ Part 65

  1. shanon says:

    Loved it.
    Arnav is finding hard time to resist his sexy wife.
    And at the same time he has to realise sex is a part of married life ,other than that there are so many things to look after.

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